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Workin' Men (Somewhere To Go) [SGA]

Title: Workin’ Men (Somewhere To Go)
Rating: R
Word count: 7700-ish
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay, AU
Spoilers for: SGA’s “Outcast” and SG-1’s “The Road Not Taken”

A/N: After the airing of "Outcast" I had this idea: what if John had gone into the family business, and this was in the same world (or one close to it) as SG-1's "The Road Not Taken" where Rodney's a dot-com millionaire. Then the two of them meet thanks to their wives both having government jobs and having to go to the same shindigs. And the rest is history. tropes said I should, and I quote, "WRITE IT." So I did.

tropes was also a dear and played beta for me, otherwise this would be full of wrong tenses and grammar errors. It still could be, but that's totally my fault, not hers.

(Also? You should listen to The Broken Road sometime while reading this. If this story has a theme song, that song would be it. Plus, it's just an awesome song, period.)


Rodney McKay was the luckiest man in the world.Collapse )

Apr. 10th, 2008

the other message
sga :: sheppard/mckay
683 :: PG

AN: Apparantly my brain can't shut off, therefore this coda to "the message" appeared. It's not really part of the big gen crossover "the message" was part of, just something that belongs in that verse.

Rodney knows that John heard the recording.Collapse )

Apr. 10th, 2008

the message
sga :: sheppard/mckay
2200 :: R
no spoilers

AN: This is actually part of a much longer gen crossover that may never get done, giving my track record. However, this part insisted on being written last night and on being able to stand alone without knowing anything else about the crossover. Stories are sneaky like that.

So. So. Everything before this? Anyone can listen to. But this part? Is for Captain John Sheppard’s ears only.Collapse )
Title: A Model Model
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Rating: G-PG
Words: 700ish
Spoilers: Post- “Harmony”

AN: After “Harmony,” I started thinking about how the thing at the end was kind of like something that happened in another episode, and then, viola, this little ficlet appeared. Oh, boys.

You're not still sulking over that painting, are you?Collapse )

Jun. 10th, 2007

pen to paper
bandslash // Ryan-centric gen
585 words
[for the we_are_cities January 27, 2007 prompt]

Ryan's hands are peppered with letters.Collapse )
Monkey Hear, Monkey Do
bandslash // gen
[sequel to Trained Monkey(s)]

Internet!Collapse )
a series of events
bandslash // um. every pairing possible for Panic! :D?
[Hans gave me seven prompts. each of them turned into a ficlet. mwah.]

gravel; Jon/SpencerCollapse )

action figures; Brendon/SpencerCollapse )

paper clips; Jon/BrendonCollapse )

paint; Brendon/RyanCollapse )

rain; Spencer/RyanCollapse )

silver; Jon/RyanCollapse )

poptarts; Brendon/Jon/Ryan/SpencerCollapse )
bandslash // Jon/Ryan, Spencer/Jon, Brendon/Ryan?
289 // PG [for kissing]
[inspired by pictures from Rolling Stone magazine. originally posted Jan 31, 2007]

Hey Ryan, have you seen Jon?Collapse )
Milliways // Zabini Sr, Blaise/Ophelia
339 // PG-13 [for death and torture]
[for Lynette. originally posted Jan 30, 2007]

His sleep was never peaceful.Collapse )
The Paintings
Milliways // Cordelia
639 // PG
[originally posted Jan 29, 2007]

She always wondered who the people in her mother's paintings were.Collapse )